Friday, 27 June 2014

Sam Polcer's New York Bike Style series

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    Photo: Sam Polcer

Sam Polcer's portrait series of people with their preferred mode of transport [link] can now be found in all it's glossy photobook glory entitled New York Bike Style [link] which documents pretty much verbatim the title of said glossy photobook. The Book has been published by Prestal [link]   

Looking at his blog Preferred Mode [link] it's clear with the shear frequency of uploads on almost a daily basis is pretty impressive to say the least. Hell, I know how hard it is to post on a semi weekly basisl let alone a daily basis!

Anyway if you are at all into Humans of New York [link] then press the subscribe button on Sam Polcer's RSS feed as well.

Also other photographic bike portrait series to checkout while you are at it.  

Dmitry Gudkov's #BikeNYC Blog [link]
Rapha's Survey Blog [link]
                                              Matthew Reamer's Scraper Bikes series [link]
                                                 Angelo Calilap's Bike/Portrait series [link]
                                       Bicycle Portraits by Stan Engelbrecht & Nic Grobler [link]

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